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Can CBD Oil Help Alleviate the Effects of Cancer?

The cannabis plant has been around for a very long time and in the past it has been used as a herb. However, the plant along with other cannabis products like Organic CBD Oil has been made illegal in many countries around the world. There are a handful of countries that have made cannabis legal for medical use and among those, you will find a few that have legalized its recreational use. There are a few states in the US that have made both the recreational and medical use legal prompting many cannabis dispensaries to pop up across the country. Cannabis has been found to have some health benefits but more research is still needed.

Organic cannabis oil

Let me share to you a story. I was there in my cannabis dispensary and it was a busy day. I was there by the counter answering some concerns of a customer while my other staff tended to the others. After some time, it got calmer in the shop and a guy came in who looked quite ill. He went up to the counter and wanted to buy some cannabis oil. I tried having a conversation and found that he has lung cancer. He also told me he was using cannabis oil to help alleviate his cancer. This surprised me. I knew that cannabis can help with pain or stress relief but not cancer.

That night, I got on my computer and tried doing some research on cancer and Organic CBD Oil. I learned a few things that I didn’t know; I have only been working as a cannabis seller for a short time. I went further into my research and have read about a number of accounts from cancer patients that have seen benefits from using cannabis oil. That guy with lung cancer started became a regular customer and I honestly noticed his condition getting better over time. He said he was getting better and better every day. So ends the story.

The raw oil that can be harvested from the cannabis plant itself is quite potent and not really fit to be used. To create usable cannabis oil, it has to be processed. The oil contains two compounds found in all cannabis plants. These are THC and CBD. The THC compound is said to be the one responsible for making a person “high” while the CBD is more usable medically. However, it is said for the stuff to really work, both compounds have to be present and working with each other. It is also said that the CBD compound can neutralize the psychedelic effects of the THC.

Right now, there is no concrete proof Organic CBD Oil can cure cancer. It has been tested by patients that the oil when used, can help with the symptoms and even alleviate the pain one experiences. Further research is still needed to fully understand the whole medical benefits of cannabis oil and whether or not it can be used to help treat cancer. As of now, it can only be seen as a pain killer and stress reliever.